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Thoughts and Findings of a Madman


So.. I fly out to Canada next week and I cannot wait! 

It pretty much started with a simple thought, in a regular (I use that word lightly) conversation with Inkquisitive..

"Yo imagine if we went Canada…"

Don’t need to imagine anymore! November 13th I land in Toronto and yes I know people are gasping saying OMG but the Weeknd album is out then too is that coincidence or have you joined the Illuminati.. Chill out people. lol

We’ll be there for a while and be going to so many events so please do not even think to hesitate to come and say hello if you see myself or Inkquisitive. OK I know most y’all will be wanting to take photos with Ink because he’s just way more photogenic than me lol. But I will most likely photo bomb you so be prepared..

I’ll be tweeting my ass off as to where I am going etc but I am DEFINITELY going to be at the Chirhian Da Chamba Event (click for more info). 

And of course I’ll be filming at Inkquisitives FIRST international Art Exhibit. More info on that soon but you will not wanna miss that! 

On top of ALL of that. I cannot wait to kick it with my family.. 


The MadTatter

and remember..

Being the loudest in the room usually means you have nothing of importance to say…

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